How long does it take to recover after a hard workout? Do you notice your signs and patterns of tiredness and soreness? If not, pay attention to your recovery the next time you do a hard workout.

How long does it take to recover? Laura Regna Fitness

Everyone has slight differences in recovery time.  The important tip to remember is that you need rest and proper nutrition, which includes staying hydrated.

Do you feel tired?

A client of mine asked me if I experience extreme tiredness after an intense run or workout.  She wanted to know if it was normal because she has experienced fatigue after her long and hard bike rides.  She said, “I feel fantastic right after, but a few hours later, I have to sleep.” I assured her that it is normal and that I too have to sleep after my hard runs. The only difference is that my tiredness sets in hours after my runs.

When I finish a hard run, which may include hills or resistance, I always feel sore a few days later. My point here is that if I am feeling sore two days after my run, then I need more recovery time. My muscles will repair, and I will build muscle if I rest properly and eat balanced and add more protein.

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Rest days

Rest days should include stretching and foam rolling.  I also suggest a slow paced walk outside.  Another symptom may be stiffening in joints and muscles, so light movement will feel right once you are moving.

Weight -lifting

I use the example of running or biking; however, you can feel the same soreness and fatigue from weight lifting as well. The same rules apply, but the good news is if you are only sore in your arms, then you could work your lower body and give the upper a rest.


There are supplements to assist quicker recovery time. I use Wobenzyn N, which is to support muscle and joint health.  I have had incredible results. The one thing I have noticed, over 40 and active, is my muscle and joints are aching much more than my younger years. As I age, I will continue to try other supplements that are recommended by educated professionals.

When you are working hard, listen to your body.  If you are feeling tired, rest, if you are hungry, eat well, include protein.  Adequate rest is so important for you to keep training.

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