Would you like to know some easy leg stretches for tight muscles? There are three simple stretches that can help, and you can practice anywhere.

Easy leg stretches for tight muscles-Laura Regna Fitness

Do your legs feel tight from sitting all day at work? Or maybe your legs feel tight from working out because you don’t stretch enough.

I am sharing with you the three stretches I teach my personal training clients to always practice.

The last 5-10 minutes of my personal training sessions, I leave for my clients to cool-down and stretch.  They always tell me that the stretching is their favorite part of the workout.  I agree, and stretching after a workout is important in preventing injury. This post includes affiliate links for your convenience. You can read my disclosure policy here.

You will need a yoga strap or a long bath towel to help you with these stretches, and a mat or comfortable stretching area.

First Stretch:

Easy leg stretches-pic 1-Laura Regna Fitness

Start on your mat lying face-up.  Wrap the yoga strap or towel around the ball of one foot. Draw up your leg with the strap/towel in your hands. Your leg should be straight,  and supported by the strap/towel. If you have a slightly bent knee, it’s okay, just as long as you feel the back of the leg stretching (hamstrings). The opposite leg is stretched out, long on the floor. You will want to hold the stretch for at least 30 seconds or more.

Stretch #2:

Easy leg stretches-pic 2- Laura Regna Fitness

Use the same leg that is lifted and stretching. Move the leg from straight-up to outward (if you began to stretch the right leg first, then move the leg to the right side). In this example, use the right arm to hold onto the strap/towel. The left leg, shoulder, and hip should remain on the floor.  This position will stretch the inner thighs (hamstrings). Hold the stretch for 30 seconds or more.

Try Stretch 3:

Easy leg stretches-pic 3-Laura Regna Fitness

Again, use the (right) same leg to move to another stretch. Bring your right leg back to center, then begin to move your leg to the opposite side (in this case to the left). Your upper body will be in a twist. Support the strap or towel with the left hand, and bring the right arm away from the body and out to the floor.  You should feel this stretch from your right side of your hip, all the way down the outside of your leg.  Hold the stretch for 30 seconds or more.

Repeat these three stretches on the other leg.  You also may want to repeat both sides a second time for a deeper stretch. See my article, 8 Ways to Have a Great First Yoga Class, if you are interested in attending a beginning yoga class for more stretching.

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