Running in the summer can be fun, but there are a few things you should know before you get started. After years of running, I have some very helpful tips.


Years of running have given me insight that I want to share with you to enhance your summer running experience. It is no secret that I love to run, especially during the summer months.

Wearing the proper summer gear is critical while running.  As I began to run in my youth, I did not have the proper attire because I did not know any better.  If you are a new runner, this blog will be extremely helpful.

Useful Hot Weather Tips

The most important tip: make sure you are properly hydrated. If it’s a sweltering day, make sure you either carry water or plan to take a break to hydrate.  I often plan my running routes with water breaks near a convenience store because I do not like to run with water. This post includes affiliate links for your convenience. You can read my disclosure here.  I simply carry some small bills in my running shorts pockets. Most running shorts have little zippers built-in so that you can bring money or a key.

Wearing a hat or headband with sunglasses helps protect your face from the sun. Bonus: the hat and headband absorb your sweat and protect your eyes.  Sunglasses are great because they prevent me from squinting.

My dermatologist would be proud of me; in addition to wearing a hat, please use sunscreen made for exercise.  The active sunscreen will not run nor burn your eyes.

As I mentioned above, owning a nice pair of running shorts will be helpful.  Additionally, I recommend a well-made and supportive sports bra.  I run with several different female friends and clients, and I can tell you that having a supportive sports bra is important.


Why it’s important to have the right gear

One of my clients was running with me last summer when she said that she was having pain underneath her breasts. When we finished, she showed me the painful sores from her two poorly made sports bras.  From that moment on, she invested in a few high-quality sports bras that made a huge difference for her.

Over the years, I have bought many lightweight fitness T-shirts designed to absorb sweat.  If you are like me, I do not enjoy when clothing sticks to me while running, exercising or dancing.

In earlier blogs, I discussed the necessity of appropriate running sneakers and socks.  Numerous clients complain of aches and pains after running with poorly made sneakers; many times made for fashion purposes only.  I direct them to a few local stores that sell professional running gear. Every time they thank me for recommending new sneakers.

Due to a past Achilles rupture and repair, I cannot wear heavyweight socks.  The thicker socks make my feet sweat and swell.  I wear very lightweight ankle socks while running and exercising. I love the socks that have tiny, breathable holes on top of the foot, much like the mesh found on top of your sneakers.  I have never had a problem with my feet swelling with these type of socks, and my feet do not sweat as much so that they do not stink!

If you have any other questions about running gear, please feel free to email me! Enjoy the summer months ahead.  I hope my suggestions will make you feel better on your summer runs!


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