Do you have knee pain, and would like to know how to reduce your pain considerably?



Read my tips on how to strengthen and stretch your legs. My experience with terrible knee pain has turned around in a few months.

My symptoms

In mid-February, my knees began to crack in almost everything I did.  My quads and tendons by the knees were tight and inflamed. It got to the point where I could not kneel down without tremendous pain.

I thought I was going to have to deal with this new problem for the rest of my life! It began to depress me because it interfered with my daily routine.

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My course of action was the following:

  • Began to take a supplement, Wobenzym N (Joint Health)
  • Continued to see my massage therapist and chiropractor
  • Removed dairy from diet
  • Increased my practice in yoga
  • Decreased my cardio

A client of mine that has a good education in supplements had suggested I take the Wobenzym N.  Wobenzym N is a supplement for joint health. The supplement recommends, to begin with, three tablets on an empty stomach. My recommendation is to take them in the morning upon rising. I use to eat breakfast before work. However, I had to change eating to later in my morning. I also researched how long I needed to fast after taking the supplement, and found that you will fast for 2 hours after taking it in the morning. Taking the tablets with food will prevent the stomach and intestines from absorbing it.

I have been very strict with following the instructions because I needed to help my pain! I noticed, after only a week of taking Wobenzym N and not eating dairy, that my pain had improved!

Dairy food is one of the most inflammatory foods in our diet. Removing dairy was very hard for me to do.  I ate greek yogurt and other forms of dairy throughout my week. It not only helped my knee pain but helped my digestion.

I have found that getting rid of dairy in your home is the easy part. The tough part is when you are eating out at a restaurant or friends. It seems like cheese and milk are in everything! Stick to it because it’s worth the reward.

Make sure you are reading all labels at the grocery store because a lot of products add some dairy into their ingredients. Also, don’t be embarrassed, when eating out, to ask what is in the dishes.

Professionals make a difference

Find a great massage therapist and chiropractor in your area. Word of mouth is the best way to find them.  Also, make sure your resource is someone that has experience.

My Chiropractor does not crack my joints. She uses several tools, like lasers, to help me.  Both of my body workers are extremely educated and experienced professionals.

Both professionals told me that my TFL and IT Band of muscles were very tight.  I thought I stretched enough, but apparently, I needed more.


Practicing yoga strengthens and stretches your entire body. It also focuses on the breath. If you have never taken a yoga class, then read my article about what you will need to know for your 1st yoga class.

I increase taking yoga. As busy as I am, I found holes in my calendar and went to class.  If one of my personal training clients had canceled on short notice, then I Googled my local yoga studios and schedules to find a class during my break.

It is now the 1st of May, and I am feeling amazingly better! I will continue to follow my new routine, in the hopes that I will continue to heal and feel great this spring!



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