My clients’ teach and inspire me every workout. Each one thrives through their unique circumstances.



I often wonder how I have such amazing clients, professionals in a variety of careers people who appreciate my expertise.

Continuous learning

I learn every day from my client’s. I hone my skills to effectively guide them through various medical conditions. Over the years, I gained compassion for those wanting to be active yet face several issues that prevent them from reaching their fitness goals. I look for creative ways to work around their problems; sometimes these ideas are successful and sometimes not successful.

This afternoon, I worked with a home client that has medical issues that limit his exercise routines. I tried a few new exercises with him today. The new positioning caused physical problems that we have never experienced in our workout sessions together.

What happens then?

We quickly shifted gears. I transitioned him to the stretching table so we could begin the roll-out and stretch part of the session. I use a half foam roller to release his tight muscles. I roll out his legs, front and back.  Also, I use a tennis ball for the bottoms of his feet and other areas on his legs that are hard to reach with the foam roller. Additionally, the tennis ball is terrific for the upper body too!

What’s later?

Do you remember the client I wrote about, the one who couldn’t make her session the other night? I will see her again tonight and work on building strength, repeating some of the yoga poses we went over to make sure she is retaining the corrections. It’s essential she makes these changes so she will not increase her chances of injuring her body.

Last client of the busy day, my sister! She has lost 20 pounds since she has made an effort in changing her lifestyle, most notably reducing the number of calories she consumes and exercises every week. She told me that our sessions together are helping her with her weight loss goals and are boosting her confidence. I am proud of her with sincere hopes she will keep the weight off and continue to focus on her weight loss goals.

I feel lucky to witness the remarkable changes my clients make in their body and mind.  My clients’, the ones that have medical conditions, inspire me because even though it is difficult for them to exercise, they do what they can and are grateful for what they can still do!

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