Get ready to make changes to your life for your weight loss success.

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Dedication and organization are the two main components to my three weight loss tips.

Want to know the secret to losing weight? Well, here it is… Exercise, eat healthy food and a balanced diet and know what works best for you.

So let me break it down for you

Everyone should exercise regardless of age or disability.  If you are a sedentary person then taking a short walk every day may be your first step.  If you have a disability and need guidance then talk to a fitness professional.

I have many busy mom friends and relatives in my life.  Most use their children and work as an excuse for not living a healthy lifestyle. The most important thing to a parent is to be there for their children, but if you are not taking care of yourself, your health will be an issue.  How can you care for your kids if you are not well? How can you be the best mom or dad if you are not happy and feeling well?  I simply want you to think about the importance.

If you can’t afford a gym then I have several DIY (do it yourself) workout routines you can do in your home.  I also would be more than happy to give advice via email.

Better yet! Join my free 30-Day Challenge, it starts October 1st, so don’t miss out! You will receive weekly emails with new exercise ideas and video’s to help you through the program.

Eat healthy food and eat a balanced diet

Again, having time to make healthy food for your family doesn’t have to be costly or too time-consuming.  Being extremely organized is crucial to fitting it all in! The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is so helpful, especially if you need new ideas and cheaper ways to make healthy food and eat healthy choices. This bundle will end Monday, September 26, 2016, at 11:59 PM Eastern time, so check it out.

The best investment for busy families is a large crockpot.  There are countless online crockpot recipes. Prep it in the morning or at night, then turn it on and let it low cook throughout the day.  Another idea is to spend a Sunday preparing meals, then freeze them, so you have them for the week.

Get a little creative with your cooking and parenting.  Maybe your kids, one day a week, can cook together. Plan it so they have the recipe and ingredients.  Everyone wins with this idea.  The kids learn how to cook; the parent gets to relax or exercise, and everyone eats!

If it’s working, don’t change it

When you exercise and eat healthily, and you begin to see your body transforming into an energetic, lean machine, then don’t change a thing.  My boyfriend tells me all his food and exercise secrets that work for him.  He has lost, I think, 90lbs total.  He has two kids, works, and works out every day! Sometimes it’s 15-minute slots a few times a day, but he is dedicated and looks great! He is very organized with his days and puts exercise as a priority.


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