Be grateful for my good health!

This is one of my mantra’s.

Listen to your body, eat well, reduce stress, sleep, and make sure you

Around the holidays I always have a mix of feelings that is like the grieving process. Part of the reason, I think, is the memories of my childhood with family members that are deceased. But there is also something greater that plagues me.

The reminder that I am very lucky, compared to some, and that I have friends and family that love and surround me every day. I am also fortunate to have good health thus far in my life.

When thinking about what I wanted to blog about this week, I saw a headline, what’s on your mind? To be honest, I am going to share with you a wonderful experience I had yesterday, which isn’t specifically about exercise and healthy eating, but why you should.


A dear friend started an organization called Laura’s Gifts.  He began this organization in honor of his late wife, named Laura.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer and passed away at a young age.  He told me that during the process of her treatments, and when she passed away that he and his family had a lot of support. I believe that is also the reason he began this foundation.

Last year, my aunt was undergoing breast cancer treatments and surgery.  Laura’s Gifts was generous to her, and I had the honor, along with my friend to present the gifts to her.

This year

As mentioned above, yesterday I had the pleasure of helping Laura’s Gifts again. I  presented many gifts to my young friend fighting metastatic breast cancer. She is a vibrant, talented professor in dance science and integrated studies.  Before being diagnosed was a picture of health. Eats unbelievably healthy and of course being a dancer is very active.

Get Involved

Having the pleasure to do nice things for people that are less fortunate is a great way to lift your holiday spirit! Donate or donate your time, it will feel great. Click here to donate to Laura’s Gifts.

I cannot stress enough, to take care of your body, it is so important. Obviously, we don’t have control over some medical situations, but the healthier you are will help you through the tough times, like my friend.  She is very schooled in her type of cancer and is going through treatments and appears to be doing well at this moment.

With love

Listen to your body, eat well, reduce stress, sleep, and make sure you exercise. Read about how to do these things if you are uncertain. Do everything you can to help yourself be the best you!


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