Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel sore or have muscle tightness in your neck? Below is an excellent suggested neck stretch that will help you upon getting out of bed in the morning.

How To Stretch Your Sore & Tight Neck-Laura Regna Fitness

How to do it:

My favorite neck stretch is practiced lying on the bed or floor (as shown in the photo), face up, legs in a comfortable position (or in a
constructive rest). Constructive rest is when the knees are bent, and the knees press gently together.

Head is centered, on the bed/floor. Begin to focus on Ujjayi breathing, feeling the heaviness of the head resting on the bed/floor, slowly turn your head to the right, looking towards your shoulder, avoid lifting your head up to turn the head. The bed/floor should assist
in gently massaging the back of the head. Repeat to the left.

The first or second time you look over to your shoulder, spend 30 seconds or more stretching in the position. Then repeat the activity several times, moving slowly. In addition to this stretch, keep the body in the same position on the bed/floor, this time you will create small circle patterns with the head. Imagine your nose as a paint brush, and the ceiling is your canvas, paint circles in both directions, slowly.

Why I love it:

I have used this stretch and movement pattern for several years in teaching yoga. I have many clients’, including myself, that have ongoing neck pain. It’s a supportive, and gentle way to help stretch and initiate movement first thing in the morning. The breathing and continuous movement patterns are also, very meditative.

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