Are you a woman over 40 and think it’s impossible to be fit? Women over 40 need a trainer that understands and can help them be successful.


The physical challenges that women face over 40 are much different than in your 20’s and 30’s.  Of course, everyone is different but I am going to share with you these challenges, and how I work with my clients that are 40 and over.

Our bodies start to change; recovery time is longer and there are usually a variety of physical issues. As I have mentioned, recovery time is longer, those of us who train hard can need more down time after tough workouts. These workouts leave you very sore. The usual time for recovery is 24 to 48 hours.  However, I alway coach that if the soreness continues after 48 hours, then you should do a very basic workout, like walking or take a beginner yoga class, to stretch out those sore muscles.

How I train 40 and over

I build a program filled with exercises to strengthen mature women’s weaknesses while building their endurance.  Nine years ago, a client came to me in her mid 40’s with the goal of losing weight and strengthening her abdominals.  She had several surgeries that left her with many incisions scars to her abdomen. Today, she has lost and kept off the 40 lbs and has regained some of her abdominal strength.

Busy career women

All of my clients are busy working 40 hours plus. It’s important that I take into consideration their work day.  Have they been “on call” for the last week and have not rested? In this case, it is my job to give them an appropriate program that will not lead to injuries due to sleeplessness or unnecessary soreness.

Working around physical limitations

Many of my clients have a physical issue/s that I must be aware of while they’re exercising. I design a tough workout without them thinking about their limitation/s.  The level of difficulty is all about the person.  I encourage all to work as hard as they can and remind them that we can always work around problems as they arise.  Stay positive and remember to be grateful for all working parts!

People want to feel cared for, so lastly I always stretch and use my many skills to relax them as part of their cool-down.  There is nothing more invigorating than finishing a workout and then relaxing and stretching to move forward into your day.  I genuinely enjoy and care for my clients and I think that is why I have been successful in my personal training business!

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