What exercises should I be doing to strengthen my bones? Many of my clients have asked me this question, and some of them, it is the reason for seeing me on a weekly basis.

Exercises That Can Help Prevent Bone Loss-Laura Regna Fitness


What Age Should I begin to think about this?

I have done a little reading online to see the most updated information.  I was taught that older women were at risk for osteoporosis; however, women of all ages should start exercising for early prevention.

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones. For your convenience, I have included links to www.womenshealth.gov.

What Exercises Can I Do To Help?

There are many weight bearing exercises you can do to prevent osteoporosis.  Some examples are:

Total Body Exercises To Help Prevent Osteoporosis:

  1. Plank is on the top of my list under this category. To set-up a plank, begin on all fours. Lift your knees away from the floor, lengthening the legs. The whole body will be aligned together. Make sure to draw your abs inward, towards your spine.  Hold the plank for 20-30 seconds. As you get stronger you will able to hold it for a longer time.Plank


2. Push-ups are a good total body exercise.  Start in plank, then bend your elbows, hopefully to a 90-degree angle, moving closer to the floor.  You can modify the push-up by placing your knees on the floor. Test yourself, see how many push-ups you can do, and little by little you will add more.



Squats are essential and can be very challenging if done correctly. Begin this exercise standing, hip distance apart and your arms down by your sides.  Lead with your glutes, backward, and bend your knees. Go as deep into the pose as you can support. Your weight should be on your heels.  As you bend your knees, your arms will move upward and forward. Come back up to standing and repeat a set of 10 to 15 repetitions

.Copy of Exercises That Can Help Prevent Bone Loss 3-Laura Regna Fitness

There are obviously several more exercises to do. As I mentioned above, there are many weight-bearing activities you can do to be proactive in preventing bone loss.


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