It time to find a trainer to help you become successful and answer questions, like how many days should I be working out? The answer is…

It's Time To Find A Trainer To Help You Become Successful-Laura Regna Fitness

My best advice as a fitness professional is to find a personal trainer to help you become successful in your fitness goals. If you are not ready to make the investment for yourself, then this blog will be helpful in answering one of the most frequently asked questions. How many times should I work out in a week? You would think this would be an easy answer, but it’s a bit more complicated. First, lets start with a few questions.

How many times a week are you currently working out?

I ask this because some people do not exercise daily, and they are just beginning to integrate a routine. If you are in this category, then you should try to introduce exercise slowly. I recommend gradually increasing days. It’s good to push yourself, but if you add too much, too quickly, you can injure yourself.

How much time do you spend working out?

This equally important because you if you are already doing an hour of exercise, then you may want to divide the hour during the day, instead of increasing your time. However, if you are only exercising 15 minutes on any given day, then you should try to increase your workout by 5 minutes or what you can handle. Five minutes may seem so little to some people, but for someone who is extremely out of shape, 1 minute can be very challenging.

Are you recovering from an injury or medical issue?

Again, slowly increase your daily exercise. Have you ever noticed when you stopped exercising for a smaller duration, because of a vacation? Did you notice when you returned to your usual work-out that you felt out of shape? My point is that even a small period can feel like forever for your body. Returning to exercise from an injury or medical problem would be a bigger lapse of time. Pay attention to your body and how it feels, and slowly introduce longer duration and days.

It’s important that you get a trainer to help with these types of questions. Everyone is different, and one size does not fit all! Personal trainers are worth every penny, as long as you know, they are a skilled and educated.


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