Choosing the right personal trainer can help transform your body amazing ways.

The Right Trainer Can Transform Your Body In Amazing Ways-Laura Regna Fitness


Training women over 40  for weight loss and prior injuries can be especially challenging. Many of my personal training clients come to me because they are tired of getting injured and not reaching their weight loss goals.

From personal experience, I can tell you that I feel strong, but my workouts are very different these days.  I have many professional fitness friends that help me work out in a healthy way.

A few of my newer clients are working on many alignment issues; going back to the basics.  In the last few weeks, I noticed their improvements.  I feel so proud of them because they have worked hard to change their habits! They spent a whole lifetime doing exercises that end up injuring them, which ends up hindering  their progress.

Finding a Trainer

I suggest a trainer through word of mouth.  I have found the best Pilates and yoga instructors, massage therapists, this way.  If you are visiting an area or moved to a new city, use Google.

Once you find a trainer, arrange the first meeting with them.  New clients, I meet for the first time, sit and talk with me for a half hour. This 1st meeting is essential because the trainer wants to gather crucial information about you.  It also helps to see if it’s a comfortable situation for both of you.

Ask The Trainer

Ask questions. You want to find out where they received their personal training certification, and how much experience they have in the field. Since 2004, I have been an NASM certified personal trainer.  I find that most often (maybe rare cases) that if a trainer has a weekend certification, they are neglectful in alignment and proper lifting techniques.  Believe me; there is nothing worse than witnessing a poor individual, in a gym that is misguided. I can hardly look over!

Just because your friend has worked out their whole life, doesn’t mean they are qualified to instruct you.  In fact, they are giving you information on exercises that work for them, including the amount of weight they are lifting. Please, don’t use them as a real source for your workout program.

Second Meeting

If your 1st meeting with the trainer went well, then you should book your first training session with them.  Don’t buy a package right away. See how you like the session, then go back for more.

Checklist for the1st Workout:

  • Did the trainer communicate directions well?
  • Did the trainer make corrections and was focused on you?
  • Did you feel comfortable talking and asking questions to them?
  • Did you feel the workout was appropriate for your personal needs?

Trust me on this; you want a trainer to design a program for YOUR body.  Getting a generic exercise program is not worth paying for, because your specific fitness needs should be looked after, or the outcome eventually becomes an injury.

If you have any other questions about finding a trainer, please email me and I would be happy to help!



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