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Yoga is a fantastic form of exercise for weight loss for beginners through advanced levels.  The poses that I will cover are universal poses that I believe everyone can do.

If you need more guidance, because of a disability, then please seek out a certified yoga instructor to help modify the poses. For more information about chronic conditions and how a personal trainer can help, read my article How I Learned A Chronic Condition Is No Reason Not To Get A Trainer.

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First Thing Is First:

 You will need a watch that monitors your target heart rate. The heart monitor is essential because you will need to know where your heart rate is at all times of the yoga workout.  If your heart rate is not in your burning zone, then you need to ramp up your speed and duration of holding poses.

If you don’t want to buy a heart rate monitor, then you can do it the old fashion way.  Find a second hand on a clock, and find your corroded artery, located in your neck, and count how many beats you have in ten seconds.  Multiply the beats by 6 and you will know your heart rate.

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Check out other recommended yoga gear.

Yoga Workout:

Warm-up (Every pose in this workout, do on your right side and left side)

{Balasana} Child’s Pose: Start the warm-up with child’s pose.  Begin on all 4’s and sit back towards your heels(hips to heels).  Extend your arms overhead while relaxing the head and forehead down to the mat.

Quadruped: Come onto all- 4’s. Reach one arm away from the floor, and overhead. The opposite leg will lift away from the floor and backwards. Repeat the same pose with your other arm and leg.

Proposal Pose: First, kneel and place one foot forward and on the mat.  One knee will be on the ground, and the other will be at a 90-degree angle. Press your weight forward into the front leg, and slightly tighten your glutes for a maximum stretch.

{Parivritta Parsvakonasana Variation} In Proposal pose, reach one hand down, and reach the other hand up towards the front leg, twisting.

Instruction & Tips:

  • The entire flow will take you about 15 minutes. Repeat it a second time if you would like a 30-minute workout.
  • When you do the poses for the 1st time, hold each one for 30 seconds (Right and Left Sides).
  • The second time, move through the poses, gracefully as demonstrated in the video-clips (Right and Left Sides).
  • When practicing each pose and holding them for 30 seconds, be sure to work deeper into the poses.
  • Concentrate on your breath throughout the workout.

Let The Weight Loss Begin:

{Tadasana} Mountain Pose: Start standing in Moutain pose. Reach your arms up overhead {Urdhva Hastasana} and bend forward {Uttanasana} with the arms and hands reaching to the ground.

[Transition to Cresent lunge or High Lunge] Reach one leg straight backwards, with heel lifted, and front leg will bend into the 90-degree angle. Lift your torso up and away from your legs, and reach arms straight up.

Hold Cresent lunge or High Lunge (similar to Proposal Pose)

[Transition to low lunge] Keep your Cresent lunge pose, except reaching the arms and hands to the mat.

Hold Low lunge

[Transition to torso twist in low lunge] Continue to hold low lunge. Keep one arm on the mat and twist your torso to the front leg, reaching the same arm as the front leg, upward.

Hold twisted lunge {Parivrtta Parsvakonasana}

[Transition to side angle] Change arms so that both are touching the floor. Gently, change the back foot (the one with the heel lifted) to the toes facing outward and the heel presses down into the mat. Lift the same arm as the leg that is extended to the back of the mat, upward.  The arm and hand that is on the mat should be placed near the front foot, pinky toe.

Hold Side Angle {Utthita Parsvakonasana}

[Transition to Triangle] Stay in side angle pose, except, straighten the front leg, and adjust back leg closer together.

Hold Triangle {Utthita Trikonasana}

[Transition to the other side] From Triangle pose, lift the upper body up, maintaining the Triangle legs, then step the back leg forward to the front of your mat.

Repeat, repeat, repeat…

Repeat entire yoga series on the other side



{Supta Baddha Konasana} Reclining Bond Angle Pose: Recline on your mat and place your feet in (what I use to call butterfly pose).  Arms rest next to you on your mat with your palms facing upward.

{Jathara Parivrtti}  Reclining twist: Open your arms wide, from side to side. Bend your knees with feet on the mat. Tip your hips and legs to one side. While you are in a twist, make sure you keep both shoulder blades onto the floor, and your head will look to the opposite direction than your hips.

{Savasana} Corpse Pose: Lie on your back, relaxed for a few minutes

Enjoy your yoga workout, and if you have questions, please email me.




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