Follow my four easy steps to a new you.  Many people struggle to make changes and improve their fitness. This blog helps simplify what you need to do to be successful.

4 Steps To A New And Improved You-Laura Regna Fitness

As a personal trainer, my joy is to help you improve weaknesses and motivate you by developing a fitness program perfect for you.

Step 1 (Observe)

How many times during your day do you notice things about your body? How is your posture while you sit, stand, walk, etc?

When you start to pay attention to your body, you begin to see your repetitive postures and movements.  I bet if you sit for eight hours or more for work, you will notice that you lean to one side or do something to your alignment to make you comfortable.

I notice that I favor my right leg. Therefore, it’s stronger but tighter than my left leg. I see the imbalance of strength when I walk, run, and dance.

Step 2 (Keep Track)

How many times do you catch yourself favoring or repeating poor posture during the day? Again, this behavior and posture can show up in any of the above activities.

My right leg seems to dominate when I walk, run and dance.  All of these things are activities that I do many hours during every week. Specifically, when I walk to work, I can feel the difference of weight I bear on my right side.

Add up how many times during one day you catch yourself doing these things. Do the math, and you will see that it is happening too often during your week. This habit is the precise pattern you need to break; it is hard to break habits like these.

Step 3 (Act)

This step involves finding a fitness professional.  You want to meet a few trainers and talk with them about your findings. Make sure that they can fully explain how they can help you change.

My background is in exercise physiology and dance. I have a thorough understanding of the human body, helping many people achieve their personal goals!

Make sure you feel comfortable with your trainer. Also, give them a few sessions before committing to anything long term.

Step 4 (Set your goals)

Talk with your trainer and set goals with them.  Don’t think long term goals, set ones that you can achieve fairly quickly. Then, set another goal. Keep moving forward like this, and you will see that you can accomplish so much more!

Setting realistic goals are important.  For example, a client wants to change their posture due to scoliosis. A trainer can help strengthen the weaker muscles around the spine, but can’t modify the person’s structure.

If you are only meeting your personal trainer once or twice a week, make sure you get homework from them.  More importantly, you have to do the homework to advance.

Take your time with each step and make a great effort to be thorough. When you start reaching your goal/s you will be thankful you put in the work!

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