Do you know one secret to a healthy, balanced body? Yoga and Pilates!


The cocktail of Pilates and Yoga helps correct dysfunctional muscles while strengthening weak muscles.

The portable nature of my favorite exercises to teach, Yoga and Pilates, allow my clients to practice at home.  The mat work can be done anywhere!

During my Friday sessions, I  worked with clients dealing with post-surgical issues.  I can tell you from personal experience. Following the surgery to repair my ruptured Achilles tendon, my left leg has not been the same. It has been 14 years since the injury. Although I gained strength, I never returned to the dancer I was before the injury.

Case studies of healthy and balanced body

One of my clients broke his leg years ago. A steel rod replaced part of this leg bones. The injury, to the lower leg, likely affects his lower back pain.  With this relatively new client, I have spent many of our sessions trying to diagnose his alignment issues while exploring his capabilities.

Our Friday session was quite successful. I gave him a good mixture of Pilates, yoga, and strength training in our hour together.  Part of the reason why the workout was great: he finally understands the postural corrections that I have been teaching him. The other part: I finally understand how his body works which allows me to give him effective exercises.

Case #2

Another client had hip surgery about seven years ago. I have been training her pretty much post-surgery. She has made fantastic progress since we have been working together.

Her left leg is naturally internally rotated; which means the leg turns inward, from the upper thigh down to her foot. The difference between her right and left leg are great! When we practice a specific Pilates exercise, she still is amazed how different and challenging it is compared to her right leg. The good news is that I taught her to be hyper-aware of her legs’ positions throughout the entire hour workout on her own.

I recommend trying yoga and Pilates; not only if you are having physical problems but if you are healthy too. They will help you gain strength physically and mentally, keeping your body healthy and balanced.

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