Next week is Thanksgiving, and I know that we are all excited to sit with our family and friends to eat and give thanks.  I am writing this blog to help you through the holiday.

When it comes to food and table preparations everyone has a task. Make exercising just as important!

When it comes to food and table preparations everyone has a task. Make exercising just as important!

Thanksgiving meal

The most important subject is over eating. While there will be so many selections of food, I suggest that if you sample them all, then you need to be in control of the amount that you put on your plate.

If your Thanksgiving looks like mine, then there will be plenty of carbohydrates that will have many compound carbs added to the complex carbs.  Translation, adding brown sugar to the butternut squash.  So, calm down! Don’t go nuts eating significant amounts of these types of foods, especially if you are going to taste everything on the table.

Make sure you eat your greens, not only because they are good for you, but hopefully, they will fill you up so that you don’t overeat.  Also, you don’t want to have a stomach ache because your body is not used to digesting all those carbs.

Listen to your body.  When you start to feel full stop eating.  I am sure that your host will give you leftovers.  Thanksgiving is not an eating marathon!


Whether it’s a home routine or going to the gym, make sure you exercise. I have several blogs that have home programs that you can try if you don’t want to fight the crowd at your gym.

Another idea is to make exercise a family affair. Do it together, and again you can do my home programs. I have ones for functional training (no weights needed), but you can add them if you want to do more.  I also have yoga workouts geared for weight loss.

Love and cherish these moments

Remember Thanksgiving is about being grateful and spending time with those special people in your life. Sharing and preparing the meal together is the tradition, and is wonderful, but you can also have a complete day  supporting one another by exercising together!

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