Spring is almost here, and we all need to get ready for an increase of activities for outdoor training.  There are things you can do to get prepared.

How To Switch To Outdoor Training And The Benefits-Laura Regna Fitness

Everyone gets excited as soon as the weather changes to the nicer, warmer temperatures. The trick is, you want to gradually do more, not all at once; that is how we get injured.


If you are running on the treadmill during the winter and are planning to go outside, then you need to start slowly moving outdoors.  The first thing you will want to do is walk outside for a few miles a couple of times a week.


If you run 3 miles, 3 times a week, try to walk outside 1 time during the week, for 3 miles. Try this in early spring.

Two things you will notice while trying my suggestion. You will probably notice sore points on your legs and feet from running outside. You become sore because your body needs time to adjust to the roads, and you probably need more support in your sneakers.

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Not to worry, your body will get adjusted. Make sure if you are feeling sore, then wait until your body recovers to go back out. Also, make sure you buy new sneakers!

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The same rule applies if you are walking on a treadmill during the winter. Start slowly incorporating walks outside.

Other things to think about

Running outside you will be exposed to the outdoor elements. Sidewalks, grass, and gravel are other surfaces that you will encounter while running. These different surfaces are excellent training for your body. Your muscles will have to adjust very quickly so you can continue to run.  Also, an excellent balance activity.

Running or walking in the wind is an amazing resistance workout. Notice when you are running or walking towards the wind, how difficult it is, and notice how fast your pace is while moving with the wind. After having a few times of resistance training you will see that running or walking will feel easier in clammer weather conditions.

Spring temperatures are peaking through from time to time, and you should take advantage and get outside. Daylight savings is here, and it’s lighter earlier and stays lighter in the evening, so try those pre-spring walks in the early morning or after work.




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