I love to run outside and through the four seasons. I have a few pointers to help you through the transition into colder weather and how you can mix up your runs.


Sometimes the simplest suggestions can be very effective. I share with you, my experiences as a runner.

Fall is here

It gets tricky in the autumn because the temperature can be very refreshing compared to summer temperatures. The main issue becomes how much clothing should I wear? I find that the amount of clothing is very different from men to women.

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Just yesterday I went out running with two male partners, and one of them said to me that I would be too hot during our run. I dressed in a long-sleeved turtleneck thermal shirt with an insulated vest and lightweight capri pants. My upper extremities are often where I feel the coldest. My legs are usually fine with the colder weather, so I like the lighter gear on my lower half of my body.

It turns out that my chosen outfit for the run was perfect for me. However, the guys dressed in athletic t-shirts and shorts.  Most men I know tend to be warmer and not as affected by the cold. My advice for you is to know your body and make choices based on what will make you most comfortable.

Get out there

What makes runs enjoyable for me? Well, I have to tell you, run in places in your community that you have never been before.  I have lived in Rochester, NY for the majority of my life, but yet, I still haven’t seen some unique areas.  I do explore these new places with running partners.

Yesterday’s run the guys took me downtown, which I have done before. However, they took a new turn around the high falls area.  We cut down a street by one of the hotels, and we ran through this impressive walkway that connects to other hotels.

To sum it up, make sure you set yourself up for your runs to be new and adventurous. And you want to be warm enough during the chillier seasons and feel safe.  I hope you will indulge these ideas. I love seeing new things while having the company of others.  The bottom line is keeping your runs exciting!


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