What Sneakers Should I Wear?

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Today, I share one of my clients’ frequently asked questions: what type of sneaker should I wear? Although,  this issue is difficult to answer without knowing more about you, here are a few general suggestions.


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Adequate and appropriate footwear is crucial.  From your youth to your current age,  sneakers that support your body while playing sports, exercising, and standing for extended periods of time are essential. To prevent injury, you need a professional’s help in selecting the proper footwear.

For example, thirteen years ago I ruptured my Achilles’ tendon. Buying a running sneaker with extra heel cushion and pronation (inward roll of the foot while walking or running) support was imperative if I wanted to continue running. In the past, I shopped at my local running apparel stores, Fleet Feet and Medved, to ask their professional advice on the best running gear.

Now, I  occasionally shop at these stores when I need to switch brands before visiting Amazon to order the same sneakers for a lower price. Go to my sidebar and select ‘recommended products’ to see my favorite running gear.

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Also, I suggest that you look at the bottom of your current sneakers to see what parts are more worn.  For example, if you were looking at my sneakers, you would see the heal and inner part of my sneaker tread is significantly more worn than the rest of the sneaker; thus, verifying my need for heel and pronation support.

If you are exercising or doing a sport inside or outdoors, such as trail running or street running, there are a few factors to consider. When I run a trail race, versus a road race, I need to have the correct sneaker for that terrain, not just for the support, but to grip the ground. If you have any questions about this topic, please email me.  You will find that having the proper footwear will help your body feel better during and after exercise.

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