How to set your fall fitness goals. Every season I try to set new fitness goals. Why, because with every year and season that passes, I feel that I need to re-evaluate parts of my body and mind.

How to set your fall fitness goals now-Laura Regna Fitness

This year I  notice more nerve pain, mostly in my right arm, and weakness in my knees. I have thought a lot about what different exercises will help me with my problems, so I created a checklist to help you decide what will be best for you this fall.

Checklist for fall:

(1) What are your physical challenges currently?

Ans. (Example): Knees and arm pain

(a) What is your solution?

Ans. (Example): Continue with my chiropractor and join a gym that has an indoor pool.

(2) What are your mental challenges currently?

Ans. (Example): Feeling upset with my new problems and wondering why I have them.

(b) What is your solution?

Ans. (Example): Take more basic and restorative yoga

(3) How is your diet?

Ans. (Example): I could eat more and prepare food to take with me throughout my day

(c) What is your solution?

Ans. (Example): I ordered prepared meals from Terra’s Kitchen to  deliver to my home

(4) Are you drinking enough water?

Ans. (Example): Yes, just recently 

(d) What is your solution?

Ans. (Example): Fill my 24 oz water bottle 2-3 times a day

Next, make a promise to yourself that you will do your solutions on your checklist, and sign it.

I, __________________ promise to complete my solutions for fall 2017.

Of course, if you want to add anything to your declaration, please do!

I find that I have more success achieving goals when I am relaxed NOT obsessed with a schedule; like I will do yoga M, W, F, and aqua conditioning TUE, THURS, SAT. This mindset works for me because it’s impossible for me to follow that schedule because of work. Instead, I will complete my checklist slowly, and add the activities throughout my week whenever it fits. Each week will look different and will give me variety.  Variety always keeps me interested.

If you need help with your checklist, you can email me at Good luck!

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