How to pick the perfect gym for you. The tips that I provide are based on my personal experience working at gyms, and things that I look for when I become a new member at a fitness facility.

How to pick the perfect

2017 is almost here, and I know many of you are thinking about joining a gym.  I have some helpful tips for you.

Don’t settle

Make appointments to tour different gyms in your area (This link will direct you to my contact information).  Don’t settle on the one closest to you; you will find that convenience is not everything. Remember you want to continue to use your membership, so you want to love going there.

Most gyms will give you a trail membership.  You should try using it as much as possible during this period.  Go in the morning, afternoon, evenings and weekends. I say this because, when I was a trainer at a high-end gym for several years,  after 5 pm there were so many people that it was difficult to use the equipment. Also, for some of my clients, the age group that attended the gym after 5 pm, bothered my clients.

For me, cleanliness is necessary.  I want to be sure that the equipment is wiped down with a disinfectant, and that the locker rooms and workout space floors are cleaned.   I have had some bad experiences over the years, and would never go back nor recommend these gyms to anyone.

Most gyms give you a free session/s with a trainer or fitness attendant to help you know how to use their equipment. This a great amenity, so use it! Cardio and circuit training apparatuses are always updated. Every year the fitness industry makes new and improved equipment.  Also, if there is something you would like to use and do not know how always ask for help. Save yourself from embarrassing moments like; releasing the weights from a nautilus machine in the wrong position, that will end up with the weights crashing down and making a scene. This happened all the time during the busiest times of the year when I was working at a gym.

Check out their class schedules.  Classes will keep things interesting when you do not feel like going to workout.  Try new classes like Pilates and yoga.  If you are new to the class, inform the instructor that you are new and they will help you out with the materials and requirements for the class. Make sure they have a few choice classes during the times that you know you will be working out.

Check out other amenities. One of the gyms I worked at had a daycare, dry and steam saunas, pool, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor courts, paddle tennis, squash, and a basketball court. These may be equally important to you.

One of my pet peeves is when a gym’s staff is not helpful or friendly. During your trial period, make sure the staff is friendly and helpful! Sadly, I have experienced lazy and disagreeable employees at some gyms.

Good luck with your search for the perfect gym.  You want to walk out of there with a healthy and positive outlook.

Happy New Year!

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