Let’s start the new year with guidance on how to make an effective personalized workout.

How To Make A Great Personalized Workout For Everyone -Laura Regna Fitness

First, you need to understand that you can effectively train in small spaces, even without equipment.

Numerous times, the situation required that on the fly I develop creative exercise programs for unique spaces without a lot of apparatuses. What makes a workout fun? Music. I recommend a great playlist. I cannot think of a better way to motivate than with your preferred music genre as the soundtrack.

How do I make a playlist?

In case you are not familiar with how to make a playlist, the following advice provides several tips: Smartphones contain music apps you download, such as Pandora and Spotify. I use Pandora radio. It’s easy to use! You can search artists, albums, and genres.

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Do you need equipment?

If you have fitness equipment, great, but you don’t need it. I find that the least expensive and portable stuff is the best to use for a workout. One example is glider discs. All you need is an area carpet or hardwood floors.  If you don’t have the glider discs, you can use paper plates; I have used both. You can do several standing and floor exercises with them.

Glider exercises

Note: Standing exercises, your weight should be on the front of your feet and heels should be slightly lifted.

Standing lunges:

  1. Forward
  2. Side
  3. Backward

 Standing ADD: (ADD is when the leg moves inward, adding to the body and ABD is when the leg moves outward, away from the body.)

  1. Start with both legs straight. Push-out one leg to the side, then return back to standing.
  2. Supporting leg starts straight then bends when working leg abducts (ABD= leg moves out,  away from the body, to the side)
  3. Skater. Moving side to side(quickly). Transfer your weight from right to left leg. Picture a speed skater.

Begin in Plank:

  1. Moutain climber. Like marching but in plank.
  2. Supine leg curls. Start on the floor on your back. Bend your knees to begin the leg curls. Your weight is on your heels. Extend one leg out then return to starting position.
  3. Abd/Add. Legs move in and out in plank.

Upper body Plank:

Note: Place discs under your hands

  1. Alternating (right arm to left arm) overhead glide. In plank, one arm reaches overhead then returns back to plank.
  2. Alternating (right arm to left arm) side glide. In plank, one arm reaches out to the side then returns back to plank.
  3. Alternating arm circles (right arm then left arm) inner circles/outer circles. In plank, make small inner and outer circles with your arms.

What else do I need to know?

Make sure you have water to stay hydrated. Drinking water for good health is essential.

Take adequate breaks in between exercises so you can recover properly, and pay attention to your breathing.

There is no need to go to an expensive gym to get a great workout. Devote only 15 to 20 minute each day to your home glider program and you will see surprising results.

I have many other home workout programs. Do you love yoga? See my free workout for yoga enthusiasts.

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