Yoga is the best for your mind and body when it comes to the holiday stresses. November is approaching and the holidays are coming up fast.

Yoga stretches and strengthens the body while it focuses on mindfulness and breath.  It’s a delicate balance of all the right stuff.

Change your stress

There are times I can recount walking into the classroom and feeling upset, angry and unsettled from my stresses, and every time I finish with yoga, I feel like a new person! I have a whole shift in my personality and mood. It is unbelievable but true.

I enter the classroom filled with energized people ready to spend an hour and a half working on themselves.  Of course, you don’t have to socialize, but you will find the friendliest strangers in yoga.

I place my mat in the area of my choice and settle in knowing that my journey will begin.  The journey is the process of letting go of life situations that I cannot control.  I choose a simple resting pose anticipating the instructors opening comments.  Most often the teachers will ask or sense what the class needs, tight muscles, etc.

Solid instruction

My favorite instructors are authentic and coach the class in being honest with themselves and give you permission to practice as you need; if you don’t feel like getting into a pose, choose one that works for you.

Nevertheless, by the end of class, I always feel clearer with my intentions, and it always lifts my mood 100 percent of the time. When I am having an emotional day, during savasana (corpse pose), I have experienced tears and sadness.  The pose and dim lights allow you to let your protective guard down.  As you gradually come up to the final seated pose, you can regain control over your emotional moment.

Treat your loved ones!

The best gift for the upcoming holidays is to give someone interested in starting yoga, and those of us that practice yoga regularly, is yoga apparel, props, and gift cards to their favorite apparel stores and yoga studio.

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