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Do you enjoy lectures and books filled with self-improvement information? My week was filled with reminders of ways to work on personal roadblocks to self-improvement. I spent time with my yoga teacher, Amiee Senise Bohn, attending a lecture from author Deepak Chopra, M.D.  Also, I visited a friend who graciously invited me to interact with a Buddhist monk and Nun she was hosting.  In need of guidance, I am grateful for these unique opportunities.

“Life is an experience that your being goes through” -Deepak Chopra

How To Remove The Roadblock

The definition of awareness is complex, filled with so much meaning. If we were aware all the time, then we could fix most of our physical and mental health. According to doctor Deepak Chopra, 95 percent of disease and illness can be controlled from living a healthy lifestyle. Five percent of disease and illness are caused by genetic mutations, so as I heard it, our chances to live long healthy lives are good!

The action of being self-aware for the benefit of self-improvement is very powerful. Being aware of what causes your stress can be the first step in healing your mind and body. The second step is taking action and that will improve your health.

During my yoga teacher training, we talked a great deal about listening to your yoga students about difficult life situations and preparing to teach a class around the difficulty. This is the difference between being helpful and helping your students.

During class, we talked about being aware of  these difficult life circumstances. As a yoga instructor, the best gift you can give students is to let them have their own experience while practicing.  This allows them to be aware of their own emotions.

The Future of Wellbeing by doctor Deepak Chopra, nicely tied into my yoga lecture. Doctor Chopra discussed the benefits of practicing yoga asanas (asanas means to be in the moment while practicing a pose) as part of your wellbeing. Eating certain foods, sleeping well, movement or yoga, and meditation or therapy are equally important in your wellbeing.

A Healthier You

Awareness of your life experiences, good and bad, are teaching you. When you feel angry or happy, these are moments where we are most aware of our emotions. The in-between moments are equally important to be aware of.

Sounds complicated? I will write an example. The other day, I had a very restless night of sleep.  I felt stress and panic at times. Later that morning, I was talking with a friend about my night. At that moment, I thought and  knew the source of my stress. Talking it out was very helpful.  Restful sleep is very important for our bodies, it’s a time  to rejuvenate and heal.

Last week, one of my newest clients came to me and found herself confessing to me each time we met.  She laughed and apologized, which was not needed, but I then recommended that part of her homework was to try writing morning pages.  Morning pages are when you wake up, you write without thinking about spelling, grammar, or anything, in particular, you just write. The next time we met, she said she already could see a pattern and could see how this pattern was a roadblock to her fitness goals.

The most important tip for self-improvement is to practice awareness. You may be surprised that your progression in fitness and health are affected by the lack of your awareness. You will get to know yourself better and have a healthier existence.

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