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I have made this cranberry recipe for many years now.  My family likes this recipe so much that every Thanksgiving they ask me to bring the cranberries.

Morning, Noon & Night

I have prepared and used this cranberry recipe many other times during the year.  When I eat plain greek yogurt for breakfast, I will add these to it! It is so much better than the organic, dried package of cranberries I usually buy.

I just made this recipe last week. I ate them not only for breakfast but for lunch and dinner. My suggestion is to make a double recipe and freeze some of it.  Especially now that the grocery stores are selling the fresh cranberries because of the holiday.

It extremely easy to make! Break out a sauce pan and open the bag of cranberries, then add the OJ and honey. Cook them down then let them cool.

You don’t always have to eat the cranberries cold, they are so yummy when they come right off of the stove.  I shouldn’t tell you this but, I have made a cran/apple pie before with this recipe, and it’s wonderful!

Why You Should

The key to eating fruits (complex carbohydrates) healthy foods is to eat the food without adding unhealthy compound sugars, or refined sugars to make them sweeter. Like this recipe, it uses orange juice for the sweetness and takes the place of water and sugar, which is the added ingredients that are listed on the cranberry package.

Honey is another natural sweetener. You can use it to sweeten other things in your diet. I drink my coffee black, but I have heard friends use it instead of sugar.

This is the beginning of a long stretch of holidays. My advice is to make good and healthy decisions on what you eat.  Find other recipes that do not use compound sugars! It’s tough, but it will certainly help you over the holidays.

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