When I need a quick and healthy recipe, I search a paleo website, cookeatpaleo.com. Several holiday recipes on the site are very tasty and are easy to cook.

Quick and healthy recipe of the month December-lauraregnafitness.com

Part of our tradition for Christmas and New Years dinners is fish and sea foods. Every year my mom serves appetizers, and the most prevalent in the family is shrimp cocktail.

My limited diet has me searching for new and healthy ways to prepare dishes, especially ones that my family can enjoy too!

Instead of buying the jarred cocktail sauce which is high in sugar and sodium, try this simple recipe. The homemade recipe has an estimate of 12g of carbs and 100mg of sodium. The cocktail sauce I linked above has 17g of carbs and 558 mg of sodium.  High levels of sodium are bad for your health, especially people with cardiac conditions, and I am sure you don’t want to feel extra bloated this holiday season!

Uncooked shrimp is a relatively low-calorie food with 0 grams of Carbs but surprisingly has sodium.  My recommendation is to be careful eating too many calories, carbs and sodium for your appetizers because you have a lot of courses to consume.

When you sit at the table think reasonably, you don’t want to gain weight over the holidays. Read my blog, Simple Solutions To Get You Through The Holidays.   It will be a lot of work, dieting after if you are not careful. Another interesting read for you that I wrote in 2015 is, Why You’re Not Losing Weight.

As I always do, I think about balancing my daily diet, even through the holidays! Depending on my mood, I may be craving certain foods that I do not have on a regular basis, so keep that in mind when you look at the menu for Christmas and New Years.

An example, I ate too many crackers and cheese for starters. I then have to reduce the amount of carbs I have and fat for the rest of the meal.  It sounds harsh to cap off foods, but it will help you!

If you love desserts, then you need to eliminate bread, crackers, heavy carbs like sweet potatoes, etc…  Also, I will suggest that you try the dessert menu from cookeatpaleo.com. The recipes are much healthier for you.

I wish you all happy holidays! Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!





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