Quick & Healthy Recipe: March

Do you have limited time in the morning to get ready and eat breakfast? I know that I do, and most of my personal training clients do as well. Also, are you sensitive or intolerant to grains and dairy?


Cook Eat Paleo offers many quick & healthy paleo recipes that are grain and dairy free. This oatmeal recipe is my favorite breakfast recipe.

Like many paleo followers, I am very sensitive to grains, and this oatmeal recipe allows me to eat oatmeal without bothering my digestive system, because it does not have oats in it.

I think it’s really important to start your day with breakfast. Make sure it’s filling and nutritional, fueling your body so it kick starts your metabolism for the day.

I can’t stress it enough that eating clean and healthy is so important for good health and for losing weight.  Moreover, once you lose the weight, you have to continue eating clean in order to keep the weight off.

Eating clean is a lifestyle change, and most often it’s the toughest challenge for my clients.  From my experience people cannot imagine living without their junk food.  I admit that I have times where I eat artificial treats, but it’s not on a weekly basis.

My best advice is to make changes in your diet slowly, introducing new foods and products gradually.  Just like your weight it doesn’t take over night to gain or lose it, so take your time.



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