Homemade lemonade with honey quick and easy recipe for this month. The lemonade is tasty and made with natural fruit and honey.

Quick and healthy recipe of the month july-Laura Regna Fitness

This quick and easy recipe of the month is lemonade made with honey from Cook Eat Paleo.  During the hot months of summer, I truly enjoy a sweet cold drink.

I happen to be a big fan of citrus fruit, not only because it reminds me of tropical weather, but I like the bold acidic taste.  This lemonade recipe uses two.  Obviously lemons, but orange slices too!

Straight up ingredients

The best part is that you do not use sugar. Honey is the substitute, and it sweetens the lemonade naturally.  When you read the recipe, there are a few suggestions for different kinds of honey to try.

You may think that this will take to much time, but the truth is that it takes about a five minutes.  It also makes 4-6 servings.

Some lemonade recipes use a cup or more of sugar! Yikes! I don’t know about you, but on a hot day, I could drink a lot of lemonade.  I think the natural sugars from the fruit and honey are enough for my diet.

A party favorite

Bring this quick and easy recipe to a family or friend picnic and you will be the hit of the party.  It’s refreshing for young and old.  I get tired of the same refreshments at summer gatherings. Typically, there is a variety of sodas, juice boxes, and beers.

You can very easily double or triple the recipe for parties.  Cut the orange slices and let them soak into the lemonade.  Make sure you refrigerate the lemonade so that it’s ready to serve and you only have to add ice.

I have continued to find different recipes that are healthier and fulfill my sweet tooth.  When I have those moments that I just need a sweet treat, then I just prepare one of my quick and healthy recipes.


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