Remember the homework from last week? Melissa did hers… She started taking my Essential Stretch class and added a hour personal training session with me!

Melissa’s Goals:

*Exercise at least 2 or 3 times a week, even when its dark at 5 o clock.

*Pack healthy lunches even though its time consuming

*Stick to healthy meals at home, non processed, but still delicious!

*Don’t give into the pizza and fatty foods during the week….save this just for the weekend

*Tone muscles specifically, not necessarily build

*Maintain healthy weight

*Keep BMI below 25 at all times

* Avoid over indulging during the Holidays…. Not preventing yourself from eating the foods you love, but not over eating

Triceps Dips:

*Note – Dips can be practiced in several different ways. Melissa is doing them on a bench, however, you can do them on the floor or chair.

Start with hands on bench, fingers face you, arms squeeze inward, shoulder blades move towards the spine, legs are either bent or straight ( Melissa is demonstrating the modified, bent leg version ), bend elbows to 90°, straighten arms, 2 sets of 10-15, or until fatigued

I would love to post more goals from you all! Please email them to my FB or Laura.regna@gmail.com

— with Melissa Regna at Laura Regna Fitness.