Quick & Healthy Recipe: May

Are you so busy some days where you need a quick & healthy snack recipe? I believe the answer is yes! Most of my clients are so busy with work, family and obligations that they always complain that they don’t have the time to make good foods. Well, I have a perfect solution! Try this Paleo Strawberry Coconut Smoothie from Cook Eat Paleo. It’s a quick and great way to fuel your body! It not only fuels your body but it tastes amazing.

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As the warmer weather approaches, I love to add smoothies into my diet again.  I don’t usually have smoothies for breakfast, however, I love to have them for lunch or a late snack, especially when I train hard or I am working late hours.  Many times, I work until 8 or 8:30pm and I do not have time to eat dinner, so drinking a smoothie until I get home to eat is the best way for me to maintain my energy so I can be my best for my clients!

The different ingredients in smoothies help balance the food groups that you need daily.  For example, this recipe is made with two different fruits, strawberry, banana and coconut milk. Coconut milk provides healthy fats , and the fruits give you natural sugars (carbs) that provide energy.

When you make this smoothie recipe it should make 2 servings. You can keep one serving refrigerated and bring the other to work. Then use the refrigerated leftover for the next day. If you like this smoothie then  check out other smoothie recipes at Cook Eat Paleo.



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