Single Leg Squat on Platform

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Single Leg Squats on (medium) Platform:

Stephanie Watt is practicing a single leg squat on a platform with dumbbells. Both legs are engaged. The supporting leg is working hard for stabilization and balance. The quadricep, gluteus, hamstring muscles are also working hard. The working leg reaches back, foot grazes the floor, then moves forward into a crane pose.

*NOTES-Exercise can be done without dumbbells and a smaller platform.

**Try on your staircase at home

Stability Ball Bridges


Stability Ball Bridges:

Try practicing bridges on a stability ball, it’s challenging and a great hamstring and Glute exercise! Stephanie Watt is practicing it with her arms down by her sides, but you can make it harder by lifting your arms over head.

Start lying on your back, bend knees, press feet into stability ball, lift hips up to the ceiling, then back down towards the floor without resting. Try 2 sets of 15 Reps — with Stephanie Watt.

Circuit Training


These photos depict a few of the exercises that I gave my brockport dance students to create a circuit. The dancers did one minute intervals in each activity, repeating the activity two times.

Bosu Medicine Ball Chest Toss:
Squatting and balancing on Bosu trainer, toss medicine ball to partner standing across from you.

Jump Rope:
Jump rope in place, add jumping side to side while swinging the rope around, add two rotations with the rope to one jump

Pilates Leg Series:
Lying on one side of the body, legs are straight but piked a little, top leg pluses up for 10 repetitions (reps), top leg circles forward for 10 reps, top leg circles backward for 10 reps, top leg bicycles (moves like you are peddling a bike) for 10 reps, top leg is lifted slightly and bottom leg moves upward to tap the top leg for 10 reps, both top and bottom leg move as if you were walking (small with straight legs) for 10 reps



Genli is 82 and still doing deadlifts! She a strong woman and I am very proud of her. I better be doing deadlifts at 82!

Standing, feet hip distance apart or a little larger, bend forward from the hips,torso remains straight as you bend forward, weight is forward, towards toes, do not lock into knees, shoulder blades move towards the spine, as you move up to standing keep your back straight *Option -holding dumbbells or bar

Target Muscles: Hamstrings, Glutes and Back

— with Genli Li.

Monthly Maintenance:


Monthly Maintenance:

If you are an extremely active person, then you will probably need to have some type of body work done on a regular basis. It could be massage therapy, Myofascial Release, a stretching session, acupuncture, etc. As long as it works for you!

I call it my “monthly maintenance”, because once a month I get a deep muscle massage or some type of specialized body work. Yesterday, I experienced my first hands- on, Myofascial Release and Shiatsu treatment, from a licensed massage therapist.

LMT Kori Tolbert, of Rochester, NY, worked on my current issues, which all seem to be on my left side. As some of you know, years ago, while dancing, I ruptured my left achilles tendon. Since then, my left leg has never been the same. So, I keep working on the healing process, in the hopes that one day it will feel better.

Part of the session was noticing sensations while Kori worked on me, and I found that it was very interesting that specific points she was working on, directly correlated with other body parts, like my liver and gallbladder.

Definitions from Wikipedia:
Myofascial release is a soft tissue therapy for the treatment of skeletal muscle immobility and pain. This alternative medicine therapy aims to relax contracted muscles, improve blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulate the stretch reflex in muscles.

Shiatsu (Kanji: 指圧 Hiragana: しあつ) in Japanese means “finger pressure”. It is based on the concepts of “qi”, “Meridian Lines” and the system of “five phases” (five-element theory) in in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


10 Tips to Staying on track while traveling for Thanksgiving:


Are are you traveling for Thanksgiving?

Here are 10 Tips to staying on track while traveling for the holiday:

1. Try to maintain a balanced diet, good fats, protein, and carbohydrates.
2. Stick to small serving sizes
3. Search the web for gyms or fitness facilities around your travel area.
4. Have a personal trainer give you a workout program designed to either accommodate a hotel gym or your hotel room.
5. Have your friends or family members workout with you.
6. Go for walks, hikes, and or runs outside
7. Check hotel accommodations to set up a personal training session. If you are traveling to Rochester, NY, The Strathallan A Doubletree by Hilton, has a personal training team, named Optimum Results.
8. Bring a yoga mat, easy to travel with, and you can practice many Pilates and yoga exercises, in the privacy of your own room.
9. Have the mind-set that you are going to stay on track, before and during the holiday.
10. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!