Squats Are A Great Total Body Exercise


Start standing with feet hip distance apart, bend knees, keep a long spine (shoulder blades move towards spine), navel to spine (glutes should be engaged), weight is in the heals, move back to starting position, 2 sets of 10 reps

* You can make this exercise harder by adding weight in each hand or by increasing reps

Photo by Cathy Craft

exercising withEmily Montesino and 22 others.




Stretching: Need I say more…The student’s are stretching their hamstrings (inner thigh)
*Start on your back, face up
*Use a towel, yoga strap, or hand to hold onto the ball of the foot
* Either fully extend leg to the side or keep the leg bent if you have tight hamstrings
*Opposite arm is resting to the side into the floor
*Leg that is on the floor is still active, find length in the leg
*Engage abdominals, drawing the navel to spine

Photo by Cathy Craft

practicing yoga with Jocelyn Reed, Lauren Bates, Will M. Dillard-Jackson 

Try This Exercises: Chest Press with a Partner

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CONDITIONING        Dance_Class-658:


TRY THIS EXERCISE: The students are having fun with some resistance training!

Simulating a chest press, palm to palm, pressing against each other, legs and core are activated, so that they can stay in place.

*Their entire body is being used in this exercise

Photo by Cathy Craft

Featured in photo: Lauren Bates, Anjelica Lindsey, Andrew Duran, Emilia Bunich, Rebecca Coffman



Top 10 Fitness Gifts To Put On Your Christmas Wish List:

1.  Favorite running sneakers

2. Keeps your head warm when outside and you can keep your ponytail

3 & 4. Great tools to help relax tight muscles, and they can be used before and after your workouts

5. Keeps track of your target heart rate and calories burned


6. Manduka yoga mats are a great brand

7. A must have yoga prop when practicing yoga

8. Makes it easy to carry your yoga mat, with a convenient storage pocket

9. Prevents your sweaty hands from sliding during your yoga practice

10. Breathable athletic socks that will keep you warm