Organic Skin Care: Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Using organic skin care products is part of living a healthy lifestyle. To many of our commonly used skin care products are made with chemicals that are toxic, and like foods, it’s important to know what the ingredients are in your skin care products.

NYR Organic is a fantastic company that offers many organic cosmetics. I have used several of their products and have been extremely happy with the quality.

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How can skin care products be advertised as hypoallergenic?  I have allergies to many things, even organic ingredients. The point I am trying to make is that it is not hypoallergenic if you are allergic to the ingredients, even organic plant based ones. So, be careful, if you have allergies and you are trying out a new product, then make sure you test it out on a small portion of your arm first, before using a regular application.

I buy my products through Jeannine Cruppe Boland, an NYR consultant, and a licensed esthetician. Jeannine can answer any of your questions about NYR products.  She uses many of the products in her household and on her family, including her two children. “Becoming a mom has made me more conscience of labels and it started with skin… Skin care is my passion and being a consultant for NYR sparked my interest in getting licensed in esthetics. ”

Jeannine recommends for the 40 over crowd, the Frankincense intense line.  She is 43 and loves and uses this line herself, because of the organic and anti-aging ingredients that help her stay looking youthful.  In the past, her skin was dehydrated and showing signs of aging,  now the Frankincense cleanser, moisturizer, and eye cream have given her positive results.

Wild rose balm, is useful for several situations and is a product that Jeannine cannot live without.   She told me “I had a rash under my arms directly after the birth of my daughter, and I was taking two antibiotics to cure it.  The antibiotics did not work, so I tried the wild rose balm because it has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal antiseptic ingredients in it. I was pleasantly surprised that the balm worked!”

As stated, I have many allergies to skin care  products, but I am able to use the mascara and eye liner from NYR.  Every time I use my makeup, I always make sure that I remove it in the evening before bed.  I have very sensitive skin, and if I leave my makeup on overnight, then I do have a skin reaction to the products.  I only use a warm washcloth to remove my makeup because I cannot use any cleanser or eye makeup remover.  This make-up will come off nicely without a lot of effort.

If you have any questions or would like to try a sample or purchase a product, Jeannine would be happy to help!

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