Do you want a healthy and strong back? And would you like to have better posture? There are many back exercises that can help you, but I want to share my favorite one with you!

Healthy Back, Strong Back: Exercise To Help You Get Strong-Laura Regna Fitness

Our back muscles are a large part of our body’s and it’s important to make them strong for several purposes. Having a strong and healthy back is helpful in maintaining good postures when sitting or standing.  In a previous blog, I talked about how a chest press can help your posture, well, it’s equally important that the opposite muscle groups (your back muscles) are as strong to support your spine. See my post, Dumbbell Chest Press: How To ImproveYour Posture

From my experiences as a personal trainer, some people have a flexible spine but have weak muscles.  I also see the opposite case where the back muscles are stronger but are not flexible. To explain further, the less flexible spine is unable to lift and extend as much as the flexible spine.

You don’t need to lift weights to strengthen your back, in fact, there are many mat exercises you can do anywhere. I have selected one of these exercises to share with you that I teach and practice with my clients.

To begin find a place on the floor or mat.  Lie face-down with arms straight and overhead.  Your head will rest to one side.  Then lift your right arm and head off the floor and your left leg up and off the floor (keep your hip bones touching the floor). Bring your head down and to the other side to rest and bring the arm and leg down to the floor. Change arm and leg and lift head. 2 sets of 10 repetitions on each side.

Note: Common corrections: Try to keep your arms and legs straight as you lift them while you are practicing the exercise.


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