Circuit Training


These photos depict a few of the exercises that I gave my brockport dance students to create a circuit. The dancers did one minute intervals in each activity, repeating the activity two times.

Bosu Medicine Ball Chest Toss:
Squatting and balancing on Bosu trainer, toss medicine ball to partner standing across from you.

Jump Rope:
Jump rope in place, add jumping side to side while swinging the rope around, add two rotations with the rope to one jump

Pilates Leg Series:
Lying on one side of the body, legs are straight but piked a little, top leg pluses up for 10 repetitions (reps), top leg circles forward for 10 reps, top leg circles backward for 10 reps, top leg bicycles (moves like you are peddling a bike) for 10 reps, top leg is lifted slightly and bottom leg moves upward to tap the top leg for 10 reps, both top and bottom leg move as if you were walking (small with straight legs) for 10 reps

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