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Dumbbell Row with Static Lunge


Lately, I have been really focused on strengthen my back.

Dumbbell row in a static lunge:

Start standing hip distance apart, step forward about three to four feet apart, both knees should be bent and front leg should be in a 90 degree angle, working arm should be opposite of front leg, arm is extended and slightly forward, keep arm close to the body, bend elbow, and return to start, repeat for 2 Sets of 10 REPS

Photo: Personal Trainer, Kevin Glor of Optimum Results

Functional Plyo Exercise: Skater


Skater: leaping from side to side, right to left, landing with knee bent, swing arms from side to side, right to left

* Try this exercise for 20 seconds to 1 minute, and repeat

**High intensity, anaerobic activity, builds lower body strength, works on balance

*** To make it harder,  use light dumbbells in each hand or ankle weights

Photo by Cathy Craft

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Squats Are A Great Total Body Exercise


Start standing with feet hip distance apart, bend knees, keep a long spine (shoulder blades move towards spine), navel to spine (glutes should be engaged), weight is in the heals, move back to starting position, 2 sets of 10 reps

* You can make this exercise harder by adding weight in each hand or by increasing reps

Photo by Cathy Craft

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Stretching: Need I say more…The student’s are stretching their hamstrings (inner thigh)
*Start on your back, face up
*Use a towel, yoga strap, or hand to hold onto the ball of the foot
* Either fully extend leg to the side or keep the leg bent if you have tight hamstrings
*Opposite arm is resting to the side into the floor
*Leg that is on the floor is still active, find length in the leg
*Engage abdominals, drawing the navel to spine

Photo by Cathy Craft

practicing yoga with Jocelyn Reed, Lauren Bates, Will M. Dillard-Jackson 

Single Leg Squat on Platform

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Single Leg Squats on (medium) Platform:

Stephanie Watt is practicing a single leg squat on a platform with dumbbells. Both legs are engaged. The supporting leg is working hard for stabilization and balance. The quadricep, gluteus, hamstring muscles are also working hard. The working leg reaches back, foot grazes the floor, then moves forward into a crane pose.

*NOTES-Exercise can be done without dumbbells and a smaller platform.

**Try on your staircase at home

Stability Ball Bridges


Stability Ball Bridges:

Try practicing bridges on a stability ball, it’s challenging and a great hamstring and Glute exercise! Stephanie Watt is practicing it with her arms down by her sides, but you can make it harder by lifting your arms over head.

Start lying on your back, bend knees, press feet into stability ball, lift hips up to the ceiling, then back down towards the floor without resting. Try 2 sets of 15 Reps — with Stephanie Watt.