Bathroom Scales: It May Be Time To Put It Away

Do you find that you are obsessed with your bathroom scale? If you are, it’s time to put your scale away!


I think that too many of my female personal training clients are relying on their scales so much that they don’t realize the other positive outcomes from exercising. They are stronger, and more energetic and happier since they have been training with me.

The other day, my client had said with disappear, “am I even getting stronger?” I said, “do you notice that we are progressing with the workouts and that the exercises are harder?”  She then realized that I was right and continued to work hard throughout the rest of the workout.

Another client was worried when she stepped on her scale and saw her weight go up a few pounds. She had been eating clean and exercising regularly.  I explained to her that it is very common for women to retain water around their menstrual cycle and not to worry so much about the scale.  I then asked her how she felt. Her reply was that she felt stronger and energetic. However, after her period she weighed herself again, she had lost the water weight and even lost a pound.

A lot of my over 40 women clients seem to have this obsession with weighing themselves. It often discourages them. I hate the scale! In fact, I only get weighed at the doctors office.  I go by the way I feel and the way my regular clothes fit.  I know when I am off track with my diet and I can feel the difference in my body.  I don’t need a scale to tell me I gained a pound or two.

So, be patient with yourself and be aware of daily exercise and diet. We as women go through so many hormonal and bodily changes over time, that we just have to listen to what our body’s needs and learn from it. It’s likely that exercising and eating healthy will help you feel great and that is what I think is most important!

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