Are you new to personal training? If so, here are a few tips for the new client and appropriate trainer/client etiquette.

What you can expect from the trainer

A good trainer will not only personalize a fitness program for you, but they will also be willing to help you through a new physical challenge when one occurs.  From my experience, week to week my client’s have new challenges.

You can also expect that your trainer is a great listener.  So many of my fitness professional colleagues are like a therapist; we hear many things that are going on in our client’s lives, good and bad, and it should remain private!

Over the many years of my career as a personal trainer, I have built several long lasting friendships.  Keep in mind that you don’t always have to build a friendship, like me, but you should feel comfortable with the trainer.


If you are running late or not going to make the session on that day, then you should either text or call your trainer. The trainer or client should give at least 24 hours notice for canceling a session so that it does not disrupt their schedule. Most trainers will have a fee for a late cancel. However, there are always excepts to any rules.  My clients know up front, my 24-hour policy, and they are very understanding about the late fee.

If there is an emergency situation, then I will not charge the cancellation fee. This situation is the exception to my policy. Remember personal trainers have bills too, and it also holds you accountable for showing up to your scheduled sessions.

Try not to frequently rearrange your scheduled sessions.  The majority of trainers arrange their calendars, so unlike a salon, we typically do not have a receptionist.

From a trainers point of view, it gets complicated and confusing at times when several clients switch their sessions during the week.  The best way is to have a set time/s per week. Setting the time helps you get into a routine.

Put Your Cell Away

I train some remarkably important people, having said that unless it’s an urgent text or call, it can wait.  It disrupts the flow of the workout and conversation between the client and trainer.  Some of my clients are physicians and are on call at times, so I am patient and understand this circumstance.

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Workout Attire

Proper fitness attire is important. The trainer should look and dress the part, and the client should have breathable and comfortable clothing.  Also, keep in mind when you are choosing your workout outfit that your trainer will most likely be stretching you at the end of the workout. If you like to wear shorts, please make sure you wear appropriate length and undergarments to assure that both people will feel comfortable while stretching.

Have fun!

Lastly, enjoy yourself! Hopefully, you and your trainer should have a good balance of hard work and good conversation during your session.

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