10 Tips to Staying on track while traveling for Thanksgiving:


Are are you traveling for Thanksgiving?

Here are 10 Tips to staying on track while traveling for the holiday:

1. Try to maintain a balanced diet, good fats, protein, and carbohydrates.
2. Stick to small serving sizes
3. Search the web for gyms or fitness facilities around your travel area.
4. Have a personal trainer give you a workout program designed to either accommodate a hotel gym or your hotel room.
5. Have your friends or family members workout with you.
6. Go for walks, hikes, and or runs outside
7. Check hotel accommodations to set up a personal training session. If you are traveling to Rochester, NY, The Strathallan A Doubletree by Hilton, has a personal training team, named Optimum Results.
8. Bring a yoga mat, easy to travel with, and you can practice many Pilates and yoga exercises, in the privacy of your own room.
9. Have the mind-set that you are going to stay on track, before and during the holiday.
10. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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